Mail Redirect Service - Solve Inbound SMTP Port 25 Blockage Issues    14-Day Free Trial Available

Why SMTP Redirect?

         Is your ISP blocking incoming SMTP port 25, but you still need to run an email server?

Our Mail Redirect service allows you to relay incoming mail to a mail server on a non-standard port. This is perfect for those who want to operate a mail server despite an ISP block on the standard email port 25.

Understanding SMTP Port 25

All email sent via the Internet is routed through port 25. When an email server on your computer delivers messages, it always uses port 25 to transmit data to remote email servers. If your ISP blocks incoming port 25, your emails won't reach your mail server.

Here's How Mail Redirect Operates:

Run your mail server on a non-standard SMTP port
Assign as your domain's primary MX
The following shows how emails get routed: : 25 : 26, 940, 8001, 2525 (non-standard SMTP port)

Primary Mail Exchanger

We act as your domain's primary mail exchanger, storing and forwarding emails for your domain. Port 25 is open to us, so mail clients can connect without issues.

Email Routing

All emails to your domain are routed to our server, which stores and forwards them to your mail server listening on a non-standard port that your ISP doesn?t block.


Enjoy redundancy similar to Mail Backup MX. Our server will spool emails for 5 days or 30 days (exteneded) if your server is unavailable, with a maximum mail size of 60 MB.

Mail Redirect Technical Highlighs

You can use it as Backup MX Service

Give your mail server a reliable backup and never let down your emails
Our mail server will serve as secondary MX for your mail server and store your emails for 5 days and can be extended to 30 days if asked to do so. After your mail server is back online, your emails will be forwarded automatically.

You can use it as a spam filtering service

Our service contains comprehensive security features that screen emails based on DKIM, SPF, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Spam before sending them to your server:
  • DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail): Ensures emails are not altered in transit and are from legitimate sources.
  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework): Prevents spammers from sending emails on behalf of your domain.
  • Anti-Virus: Scans and removes malware from incoming emails.
  • Anti-Spam: Reduces spam by over 97%.
  • Rescue Emails when your Server is Down

    Mail Resuce allow your users to access their emails even when your mail server is down.
    Even if your email server goes down, all domain users can still read and reply to emails through our webmail or POP3. You just need to turn on Mail Recue and all your emails will be redirected to our mail rescue server, making them accessible via webmail or POP3.

    $ Pricing

    Our service is available for just $29.99 per domain per year, regardless of the number of emails forwarded. You can cancel anytime within the 14-day trial period without paying the fee. Unpaid services will be disabled after the trial expires.

    How to Sign Up?

    Enjoy a 14-day free trial to explore our service. Simply point your domain's MX to and experience the benefits of uninterrupted email delivery.